Art to Uplift and Inspire

Krishna's Flute

“Krishna in the Woods” playing his flute, watercolor painting

Painting and making art brings me joy. It takes me into my heart, and I notice that when I’m in my heart, everything flows better– art, life, relationships. 

Watercolor and oils are what I’ve used most. I am inspired by simplicity, beauty of image, and light filled, harmonious colors. Or, in the case of abstracts, harmony of color and interesting composition. I try to incorporate these into my paintings.

Along with painting, two other significant aspects in my life are sharing the keys to finding inner happiness, through weekend retreats and online classes, and leading Pilgrimages, along with my husband, to holy places in India, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

May this art and, possibly, Achieving Inner Peace and Tranquility course bring you joy. It makes me happy when my art is in your home. It’s a nice connection.

Blessings and joy to you,